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Tips for Preventing Falls at the Workplace


Injuries related to falls at the workplaces are commons. Recent statistics shown that tens of thousands of construction workers are injured every years due to workplace falls, slips or trip accidents. However, these accidents can be avoided most of the time. Be aware of the potential accidents at the workplace as well as using the right equipment and gear are crucial to avoiding injuries.


Below are some tips that will help you avoid falls, slips and trips at the workplace.


Keep the Flooring Safe

Modifying or changing the walking surface of your employees can significantly reduce trips and falls. Replacing or recoating floors, installing synthetic decking, abrasive-filled paint-on coating, pressure-sensitive abrasive strips or mats can further improve safety and reduce the risk of falling. Apart from this, non-slippery, resilient flooring reduces or prevents foot fatigue and prevents slips. Using industrial guardrail should be required.


However, keep in mind that high-tech flooring required good housekeeping.


Use the Correct Footwear

If your employees are working on wet or oily floors, selecting the proper footwear will go a long way in preventing accidents.  There are no footwear with anti-slip properties for all types of floors.  For this reason, you should consult with manufacturers to find out which shoes will be best for your workplace conditions.


Wearing shoes that are comfortable and fit properly reduces fatigue and improves safety of your employees.


How to Avoid Falling at Work

Falling is common in construction. Majority of falls are those from heights of less than six feet. These falls are mainly due to slips. To avoid slipping on wet flooring, follow the tips below:


o  Practice making wide turns at corners

o  Walk with your feet pointed slightly outward

o  Adjust your stride t o a pace that is suitable for the tasks you are doing and walking surface you are on

o  Pay attention to where you are going


To reduce the risk of tripping, follow the tips below:

o  Make sure that anything you are carrying, moving or pushing is not obstructing you from seeing any spills, obstructions, etc.

o  When you enter a dark room, use a flashlight

o  Ensure any areas where you are carrying out your job are well lit using installed light sources

o  Keep the flooring in good condition

o  There should be no obstructions or clutter on walking areas


Preventing slips, trips and falls in the workplace is possible with some simple tips. The above are some of the ways in which you can prevent the risk of injuries or deaths resulting from falls. That’s why it’s best to understand why you must have the industrial guardrail